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Personal prayer or words of encouragement!

I am a prayer warrior that believes prayer can heal, comfort, and help in all areas. Are you not feeling your best today? Do you need an extra dose of words of encouragement? I will write you a personal prayer of words to uplift your spirit, including a verse, and personal reflection to inspire your imperfections for gratefulness.  

"Shifted: From pain to Prayers" Q&A

Read my book and now you have questions? Please feel free to ask anything you would like to know about my book, spiritual healing, and my fistfull of prayers! Also, share a testimony on how God used a life event to "Shift" you into your purpose. I look forward to sharing our spiritual gains and connections!

Podcast words of Encnouragement

Want to be a guest?
"Afistfull" podcast is a combination of Monday night inspiration, encouragement, & Friday nights of "mommy Fri-yah" questions with prayer! listen to episodes on Monday or Friday nights or submit any question or prayer request via email @ [email protected]  


I speak for the silenced and closed-minded that is also seeking a supernatural "SHIFTING" for a new lifestyle. I will inspire the silent to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT against what they believe and not be ashamed to be bold about it. I encourage and motivate them to start their own spiritual journey or want to pursue a better relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.

*Skills my audience will learn*
My audience will walk away with the courage and mental fortitude to SPEAK UP about what they believe in and not fear judgment by anyone but be bold and stand firm instead. They will develop their own desires to encourage and inspire someone else by sharing their brokenness as a life lesson experience to help others start their own healing. They will gain clarity on prayer and how to be a prayer warrior for all things good or bad not just upon the arise of troubles. They will be verbally opened about sharing their own testimonies to help inspire others while glorifying God of his greatness in their life without shame. Sharing my story will help alleviate stress, worry, and help build their patience instead. 

A Fistfull Podcast!

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Faith based, veteran owned & founded by a Christian Author spiritual blogging business. I inspire and encourage people to have faith through my inspirational writings and uplifting memes or quotes. I send out daily motivation messages, Sunday newsletters, and advise on Self development. 


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